We conduct research on the integration and fusion of engineering technologies in mechanics, control engineering, signal processing, and information processing, with the aim of assisting human mobility.


  • 2022.04.12 [Members] Students member joined in 2022.
    • 6 students( 1 doctoral degree course, 5 master degree course) were joined as 8th period of graduate school.
    • 9 students were joined as 9th period of under graduate.
  • 2022.03.23 [Members] Graduation ceremony was held.
    • 7 students as 8th period of under graduate and 4 students as 6th period of master course were graduated.
  • 2021.04.08 [Members] Students member joined in 2021
    • 8 students were joined as 7th period of graduate school.
    • 7 students were joined as 8th period of under graduate.